A healthy airway is more than great smiles
I do my best to help my patients "be the best they can be"
Treatment at the Orthodontic Wellness Center is a true investment in overall health.
This is how we can help you to be the best you can be:
With Damon Braces, Invisalign and Sure Smile Clear Aligner Treatment
Coaching Advice " How to prevent crooked teeth"
With High Resolution Pulse Oximeter HRPO
With Proper Oral / Facial Resting Posture
100% holistic and helps with posture, function & growth
With help of Cranial Osteopath
The Crozat is smaller than traditional expanders, it can give a nice result with minimal discomfort.
With Removable or Fixed Expanders, also ALF and Crozat Will Expand
Kids will to develop proper facial and dental growth, which comes with additional health benefits
To Help Patients With Retruded Smiles, Airway Issues and OSA and May Help With Migraines.
For Proper Size To Have Good And Healthy Tongue Movement
To Help Patients Achieve Their Best Health And Growth Potential
We use the best possible brace system that looks great, most comfortable and helps to reduce length of treatment.
We started using Invisalign clear aligners in 1990 and became a Premier Provider in 2016. Invisalign trays are a great way for some patients to achieve a terrific smile!