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Adults deserve dental health, freedom from pain & overall wellness
We believe in excellence when it comes to general and cosmetic dentistry for adults. We are gentle. We don't judge. We use the latest technology and we take most insurance plans. We also excel in adult orthodontics.

We have experience in straightening teeth for the first time, reversing previous orthodontic outcomes re-opening extraction spaces. We also specialize in treating TMJ problems, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other sleep related breathing disorders.
Treatment at the Orthodontic Wellness Center is a true investment in overall health.
Reduce pain

Facilitate better breathing

Improve sleep

Prevent degenerative problems from developing
When it comes to orthodontics, we believe in developing the jaws forward in the face because it leads to a stronger profile, optimized airway, healthier jaw joints, and a broad smile that is complete to the corners of the mouth.
A beautiful smile should always be the most visible result of orthodontic treatment but NEVER the primary goal.
Parents are learning that there is much more to orthodontics than simply straightening teeth. They are becoming more aware of how important airway health is for their children.

"Airway Orthodontics" is an exciting new way of looking at how the development of teeth, jaws & face affect overall health and wellbeing. "Airway Orthodontic" techniques attempt to address the underlying problems of a small airway & under developed jaws while simultaneously correcting the most visible symptoms of underdevelopment…usually crowded and crooked teeth.

Breathing And Sleeping

Do patients ever need orthognathic surgery to get the best possible health outcome?
No. Our philosophy is to ALWAYS seek the least invasive treatment technique available to address the issues our patients need help with. But sometimes surgery will be the best outcome for health reasons We also believe that a team approach works best.
Specific exercises are deployed to posture the tongue properly and position the jaws more optimally. When effective Oral Myofacial Therapy can help patients relieve symptoms and improve overall health and wellness without more intrusive treatments.

Oral Myofacial Therapy
Think of Oral Myofacial Therapy as physical therapy for the tongue, teeth, jaws and face.
For some, a referral to a co-specialist may be the best course of action, We work with many health professionals including involvement with an, osteopathic DO, nutritionist, ENT physician, oral myofunctional therapy (OMT).
Interdisciplinary Care
For each patient, we fully assess treatment goals in light of any current acute or chronic physiological conditions.
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We want our customers to feel welcome in our office. We encourage all parents/caregivers to accompany the child to the appointment as direct involvement of parents with pediatric patients is the best dynamic for success.
I have years of experience, but I never stop learning. Airway orthodontics and "forwardontics" are my passion, which will be evident at every appointment.
I proudly perform 90% of all direct patient care in my practice – unlike many other offices that delegate most work to dental assistants. This is how I create a long-term bond with my patients, for which I am truly grateful.
Lifelong Learning
Direct Care
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The Orthodontic Wellness Center stands apart from other offices in several ways:
Feels Like Family
You're one click away from a healthier life for you and your children.
Combat sleep problems, address unexpected childhood behaviors and pair a healthy smile with a healthy body.