A Patient-First Approach To Braces
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Our philosophy is to ALWAYS seek the least invasive treatment technique available
Braces at Orthodontic Wellness Center
Our mission at Orthodontic Wellness Center is to help our patients optimize their smile and improve their overall health.
One way in which we achieve this integration of function and aesthetics is with the use of braces for the purpose of teeth straightening. We use a full range of orthodontic appliances to straighten teeth:
• Braces(both ceramic and clear)
• Clear Aligners
• Veneers
• Invisalign
• Non-surgical orthodontic appliances
• Minimally invasive surgical procedures to correct overbites, underbites & tongue thrusts
Braces At Any Age
Braces for kids are usually the best because children's facial structure are still developing and malleable between the ages of 7 and 14; however, teeth straightening can be achieved at any age. Our dentist specialize in the unique anatomy of the adult mouth and have had overwhelming success using braces to create that "perfect smile" for our adult patients.
What Our Patients Have To Say
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