Let's enhance your child's life
In OWC we assist and guide them by developing healthy habits.
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We like to see children at an early age so we can screen for proper facial growth & assess oral posture. Our goal is overall wellness and, with kids, that means developing a relationship of trust with them as early as possible. We like to see kids as young as age 4.
One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to helping children avoid invasive and /or traumatic treatments & procedures.
Of children have sleep disordered breathing (SBD) including Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA),
Go undiagnosed.
Difficulty concentrating


Under achieving in school

Poor performance in sports

Short attention spans

Behavioral problems

Bed wetting

Digestive issues

...the list goes on.

I have partnered with colleagues from around the world to learn how to help children achieve proper facial growth. Dr. John Mew pioneered facial growth guidance in the 1950's. William M. Hang DDS MSD is a pioneer in non-retractive orthodontics for children and adults.
Our goal is to always recommend treatment. That will help patients to become their best. Not just a better smile, but a better you.
This can lead to sleep disturbances in children. It's often an invisible problem that presents itself in frustrating ways:
We have several treatment options for children.
Children who have poor oral posture and jaws that grow down and back in the face often breath primarily through their mouths.
Orthodontics Can Help Children Sleep Better at Night, Perform Better During The Day & Feel Better Mentally & Physically.